Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Quilting 2012

When I last posted, I confessed to cheating.  Since then, I've made a few more quilts.  May I present .....
Quilt #2.  I made it and gave it to Johnny for Christmas.  The pattern is Take 5, and it measures 4'x5'.  He was very surprised and very touched when he received it.

And Quilt #3.  The pattern is Life is Good, and it measures 43 1/2" x 52 1/2".  Not sure who is going to get this, so it is stored in the cabinet in my craft room right now.  I did a pieced backing on it - I was strictly winging it, but it came out pretty cute.

Next is Quilt #4.  The pattern came with my Accuquilt that I received for Christmas.  I may have sneaked it out of the box and used it before I technically "received" it.  It is 36"x36".  It is also going into my cabinet for an as yet unknown recipient.  Also, it was my first try at stippling.  I loved it.

 I have now started piecing together Quilt #5.

That makes 3 quilts finished in 2012.  The 4th was finished on 1/1/13, when I had about a fourth of the binding left to sew on.  Another post to follow soon with knitting content from 2012.

Happy New Year!!!

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