Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Addition to the Family

We've got a new addition to our family this weekend - a new grandpuppy. She's a yellow lab pup about 6 1/2 weeks old, 7-8 lbs and cute as a button. Her name is Bailey. Josh (MS) decided he needed a pet. He's never been much of an "animal person", but his gf is in pre-vet and loves animals, so I guess she's rubbed off on him. Have I mentioned that we love her? The gf, that is. Oh, and the puppy too.

She is very friendly and loves to chew and play.

Josh had the foresight to get her a couple of toys - a little chew rope . . .

. . . and a little monkey toy that she loves. I think his name is Marvin or Melvin or something like that, can't remember. LOL

She eats really well, and slept through the night last night (in the bed with him, can you believe?). She is quickly potty training too.

I think she is going to be a nice addition to the family. The number of dogs in the family are almost equal to the number of people (5:6). I think we need another puppy to even things out. I fear the HWWTM would abandon ship if we brought home another dog.
And because this is a knitting blog . . .
I made a hat for my step-dad. He called the other night and asked for a hat to wear while he walks in the morning. So I whipped one up for him. It's a good thing I was quick, because he called this morning and asked if it was ready. It was, but it was still wet from blocking, so he came and picked it up anyway. He is not known for his patience. Anyone who knows him knows this.

The yarn is Noro Kabuto, which is wool, silk, cashmere and merino. It was made on a size 10 needle; I casted on 76 stitches and did a 2x2 rib. Viola!!

My February Yarntini arrived in the mail today. It is called "Dirty Martini" and is a beautiful mixture of blues and greens. Love it.

I'm trying to resist the urge to cast on another sock. I finished my first RSC sock and can't seem to make myself cast on the other. I want to start something new. I've also been working on my Scrappy Scarf and am almost finished with it, just another inch or so. I may go stash-diving and see if anything inspires me. Yarntini and Monkey pattern goes so well together.
Have a good weekend.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bits and Pieces

The title says it all - bits and pieces. First, proof that we actually went to the Superbowl, and more importantly, proof that my Featherweight Cardi actually went to the Superbowl. I'm sure everyone knows by now that THE SAINTS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!

There was an awesome halftime show featuring The Who.

The light show was unbelievable.

Now on to knitting news . . . the Girasole was finished last week and blocked. It will soon be gifted the the 10 lb. 3 oz baby boy that was born a couple of days ago. It turned out lovely, if I do say so myself. It measures about 40" across post-blocking - perfect size. I did leave out a few sections here and there due to size and yarn restraints. I'm very happy with it.

I also whipped up another cute little pair of booties, called Baby Moc-a-Sock. Don't you just love booties? They can be knitted in just a day or two. These are made in Lorna's Laces sportweight, Camouflage and Courage colorways. I used 3.0 mm needles for the orange part, and 2.75 mm for the camo part. Just adorable.

I started these last week. It's the January RSC kit. They're a fairly easy knit. I only have one more pattern repeat before the first one's finished, but I have been very distracted. . .

. . . . by this. I am addicted to this. I cannot put it down. It's a Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf done in 4 different Wollmeise colors - Zenzi and Vroni(formerly a Baktus, but ripped it because I wasn't happy with it), Natural and Feldmaus. It's only 2 simple rows repeated, but the color changes keep things interested. I'm already planning in my head my next color combinations.

Got 2 Wollmeise Gemischt bags in over the weekend. Dunkle Kirsche (on top, I think I have about a blanket's worth of that) and Grapes for Sheri. Love GFS.

Another shot of Grapes for Sheri - beautiful!!!

Gotta go pick up YS from school and get him to golf practice.
Have a good week.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Rhabarber 2 WD twin - SOLD

Wasabi 100% merino - SOLD

Mistelzweig WD Merino (top) & WD twin (bottom)

Granatapfel WD twin - SOLD

Terra di Siena 100% merino - SOLD

Dornroschen WD twin (both) - BOTH SOLD

Gazpacho WD twin - SOLD

Blue Curacao WD twin - SOLD

All for sale for $35 each. Prefer to sell within US but will consider international. Leave comment or pm through ravelry if interested. Papal only please. Thanks.

Der Letze Versuch WD twin - SOLD

Admiral WD twin - SOLD

Ebenholz WD twin - SOLD

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day . . .and Happy Birthday, John

We had a little snow Friday . . .

. . . crazy, I know, twice this winter already. It didn't stick this time, but the kids did get another day off of school.

Look who's visiting for a couple of days while his daddy goes to Mardi Gras. I'd rather puppy-sit than go to Mardi Gras.

I whipped up a little hat and booties for my friend's daughter, whose baby is due today. These are made from Lorna's Laces sportweight - hat on size 4 and booties on size 3 needles. They're having a boy, and dad is a hunter so I think they'll like it. This is the baby that the Girasole is for. I only have abou 200 stitches left to bind off - hope to get to that today.

I started my January STR sock club socks. While I'm not usually a toe-up girl, I liked this pattern better than the other, which was cuff down.

This is where this one is going to spend the rest of the day if he doesn't straighten his a** up. No really, he's sick, and I'd rather clean up his "sickness" in his cage than my floors and rugs. It's really my fault he's sick. I know he has the tummy of a newborn and shouldn't be fed anything except his dog food, but I can't resist giving him treats. Oh, well, live and learn. No more treats or anything for you, Beau Beau, not while you're here anyway.

BTW, it's OS's birthday today - Happy Birthday, John!!!! You are the coolest oldest son I have. I'm so glad you were born on V-Day, because it made you such a sweetheart. I LOVE YOU!!! COME GET YOUR DOG!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grab Bags and Another FO

Another pair of socks finished in The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! Forester Moth colorway. This yarn knits up like a dream with 20% cashmere. Knit on 2.25 mm needles using the Paraphenalia pattern. These babies are for me!!!

Got some goodies in the mail a few days ago . . . Wollmeise grab bags . . .

This first one is a Blau (blue) bag. It includes a very dark Admiral and a Gewitterhimmel (with more teal in it than my others).

Next is a Gemischt/mixed 100% merino bag which includes a beautiful red Versuchskaninchen and a very different looking Gazpacho with brown in it.

And another Gemischt/mixed 80/20 twin bag which includes Wellensittichvogelfeder (love it!) and a gorgeous Moses.

And last but not least, a twin Kunterbunt bag which has . . . drumroll please . . . the much-coveted Magnolie dark and a beautiful purple and green (but not Krauterbeet) Versuch.

All very gorgeous!!!

I also received a sweet Valentine's kit from Simply Sock Yarn Co. that includes a cute bag from Silver Moon Studio, a skein of Sweet Georgia yarn in Tough Love Sock in Heartfelt colorway, and some cute stitchmarkers.

Won't this make a beautiful baby blanket? It's Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga in Holly Blue Butterfly. I have a friend whose daughter (she has 3 daughters) is having (my friend's) 4th GRANDSON in June. Isn't that funny the way things work out? It's a beautiful baby blue and so soft. I plan to double it and probably use a US 8 needle. Maybe do a Big Bad Baby Blanket. I haven't made one of those in awhile. It's my "go-to" baby blanket pattern. LOL

Superbowl pics coming soon.

Have a great week.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day Seven

I did it. It's finished, and it fits!!! I'm so excited about it. It needs blocking, but I'm not sure how I'm going to block it. I don't want it to stretch too much. I'm going to steam it and see how it does. Will edit with photos later. YAY!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day Six

Still no pics, but got lots done as it was a travel day. Finished second sleeve, ripped bind off on first sleeve and did ribbing instead, and finished ribbing at bottom of sweater. Also picked up stitches around front sides and neckline. Only have 3.5 inches of stockinette to do, bind off and block. I sure hope this sucker fits!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day Five

Travel day so no pics. Only got about 3/4 of second sleeve done. Busy packing and doing pre-travel stuff. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day Four

I have a sleeve. It took several tries with different length needles. I started out with a 12", but it was really difficult to manipulate. A friend loaned me her 16", but it wasn't an Addi. Need I say more. Quick trip to Hobby Lobby proved fruitless. Went to a 24" and tried to do magic loop, not quite long enough, but made do with it.

I decided not to do ribbing on the end of the sleeve for time's sake, and just left a little rolled edge. It's a little wide, so I may go back and rip out the bind-off and do a couple of rows of ribbing anyway. So much for saving time.

Got some goodies in from The Sanguine Gryphon this week. They are Bugga! (did I mention it has cashmere?) in Northern Purple Gold Beetle and Love Bug.

I'm off to work on the other sleeve. It's obvious that I'm not going to finish before we leave tomorrow morning, but tomorrow is a travel day, which means a "knit day".

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Three

SOCK CLUB SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not go any further if you have not received your first Blue Moon sock club kit.

Here it is . . .

A great first kit including a skein of lightweight yarn, 2 patterns, a sheet of to/from cards and of course, Dyer's Notes.

The name of the yarn is Happy Go Lucky.
Oh, and I also got a second kit in the mail. A Charlie Brown Valentine's kit from Woolgirl.

A skein of yarn from Zen Yarn Garden in Cherry Mist colorway. . .

Cute little Snoopy bags, one large and one small . . .

And, as usual for Woolgirl kits, tons of goodies . . .

Last but not least, after three days of knitting, my Featherweight Cardigan. I have finished the body with the exception of 1-2 inches of 1x1 ribbing on the bottom. This is where I finished the first skein of yarn after the first row of ribbing.

I will pick up the stitches on the sleeve and knit those in the round on a 12" circular needle. It's a 3/4 length sleeve, and it's all stockinette, so it should go fairly quickly. Fingers crossed.
I may have overbought some Numma Numma at The Loopy Ewe update last night. Pics next week.
Off to wind that second skein of Wollmeise.