Monday, March 29, 2010

I totally missed out on some milestones this past month - my one year blogiversary, Amanda's (TD) 25th birthday, and Alex's (YS) 15th birthday. I think that is why I haven't blogged in 2 weeks. I didn't know how to fit it all in, so I did what I do best . . . I procrastinated.

First, I am very proud of myself for keeping up with this blog for an entire year. Until this latest lapse in blogging, I have consistently blogged at least once a week. Therefore, I have a very nice record of my knitting adventures.

Second, I am even more proud of my beautiful daughter. She turned 25 years old on 3/22 (I actually had her when I was 12, you know). She is in her 3rd year of teaching, her second year teaching 3rd grade. I hear she is a wonderful teacher, and any child would be blessed to have her as their teacher. She is working on her Master's degree and should be finished with that in June. She has been living on her own for almost 7 years. She is truly a blessing.

Third, Alex turned 15 this month on the 20th. He is a freshman in high school. He is on the football team, and is the only freshman who made the golf team. He is an excellent pole vaulter. His PR (that means personal record in pole vault talk) is 10'6". At practice yesterday, he cleared 11'6". He is really enthusiastic about his sport, and I am very proud of his dedication and hard work.

Lastly, I've been knitting . . .

This is a baby blanket I started yesterday. It's Yarntini sportweight in Designated Driver colorway knitted on a size 6 needle. The pattern is Heirloom Baby Blanket. It's a really fun knit as the pattern changes every 6-8 rows. It incorporates garter stitch, stockinette, seed, moss, and basketweave stitches. This blanket is for a friend's grandbaby that is due in June.

I finished a second sock. I think I did the first one last summer. It's knitted toe-up, and my toe-up socks always come out too big. I finally did the second one because my friend's birthday is this weekend, and she's the only person I know who may fit in these.
The yarn is Handmaiden Casbah, and the pattern is Whine & Roses by Wendy D. Johnson, knitted on 2.25 mm needles.
And these were a breeze to make. It's the first kit from The Loopy Ewe sock club. I did the pattern cuff down instead of toe-up, and they flew off the needles. I love top down. The yarn is Fiesta Baby Boom in Spring Chill colorway. The pattern is March Mosiac Socks knitted on 2.25 mm needles.


It's the second Socks That Rock kit, and it's beautiful. The yarn is very "spring-y". It's called My Wild Irishgirlie.

There are 2 patterns included: Slip Jig and Secret Garden. I'll probably be doing Slip Jig because it's cuff-down.

And a gratuitous puppy picture - this is Bailey, growing like a weed. She spent the night with me while her daddy (Josh) went to the LSU spring football game and a crawfish boil. He didn't want to leave her in her kennel all day, so I kept her. She's so adorable. She's friendly and curious and very playful.

Next weekend is Easter, which means all of the kids and their doggies will be home. Can't wait.
Also, stay tuned for a Wollmeise-filled post later this week. It's been raining Wollmeise the past 2 weeks around her.
Have a great week.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The first installment of the 2010 Tempted @ 3AM Yarn and Bag Club arrived this weekend. It is just beautiful! The yarn is called Lil' Luxe Grrl, which is merino, cashmere and nylon in Oasis colorway. The bag is called the Classic KIP bag. I already have a couple of these, and I love them. Also included are some great stitch markers from Tempted Tassels by Muriel and a sample of my favorite, Soak in Aquae. An absolutely beautiful kit . . . love the colors and everything about it.

I finished my socks in Numma Numma the Regular in Stump Brew colorway. The pattern is Monkey (no-purl, of course) by Cookie A, knit on 2.25 mm needles. Since it is a light fingerweight, they turned out a little tight for my high instep (fat foot). But TD tried them on, and they fit her perfectly. So they're on their way to Birmingham as I write this.

Josh was home with Bailey for the weekend. We heated the pool, so she could take a swim.

After her swim, she got a nice bath. Of course, Josh's gf is always there to help.

This is gf's little dog, Milee. She's a 3# Pomeranian, who is so entertaining. That's her "squeaker" on the ground in front of her. She plays fetch CONSTANTLY.

This is TD's dog, Tiger. It was hard to get a good picture of her cause she's so dark. She also wants to play fetch CONSTANTLY.

We had a great weekend with the kids and the dogs. I love when they come to visit.
On the knitting front, I'm plugging away on the February Lady Sweater. I decided not to frog it. I also started a sock. It's actually a "second" sock. It's The Purple Rose of Loopy. It always feels good to take the plunge and cast on that second sock instead of starting a new project. That's not to say that it doesn't feel good to cast on a new project too. LOL.
I do want to finish up this sweater soon. I think it will make a nice spring sweater to throw on over a tee. Plus, I have a couple of baby blankets I need to get started on fairly soon.
Have a great week.

Friday, March 12, 2010

To Frog Or Not To Frog . . .

I can't decide what to do about my February Lady Sweater. My problem is unmatching skeins of yarn. I knitted the top part with one skein, which was pretty dark. Then, started a second skein just about where the lace part starts, and noticed it was much lighter than the first one. So I wound another skein, and it was dark, but not quite as dark as the first one, so I decided to alternate skeins 2 & 3. Well, this is the result below, and I'm just not quite sure I'm happy with it. This first picture is the front . . .

. . . and the back . . .

. . . and a close up of the lace, which kinda has a mottled effect.
I really like it, and I don't want to frog. I'm thinking over a dark tee or even a light one, it might not be so noticeable. Or people may just think I planned it that way.

To be continued . . .
If you don't care for dogs, or you just don't want to look at other people's dog pictures, you can quit reading now. I know most knitters are cat people anyway, so it's not a problem. That's why I put the knitting content first.

These pics are from last weekend when Beau and Bailey came to visit. Beau wasn't quite so sure about getting into the pool. He would get on the steps, but go no further. Maybe it was too cold, but that's never stopped him before.

The canal in the back yard wasn't too cold for him obviously. He's getting a bath under the hose here after a little run through the canal.

Here he is sunning after his bath. He's SO BEAUTIFUL. And it's a good thing, because he is so B.A.D. That's Bailey behind him trying to decide whether or not she wants to make friends with her "cousin".

I told you he's gorgeous . . .

And isn't she precious? And so loveable. And GOOD. (Thanks God).

The cousins did make friends and played well together. They play tug-o-war with a rope. Actually, Beau just dragged her around mostly.

And when she would get distracted, he would bring the rope to her and set it in front of her to entice her to play some more.

More sniffing . . .

And then Bailey had enough. She slept and slept and slept. Josh said she slept for hours.

He's bringing her back this weekend to see TD and her dog, Tiger. So I'll have more puppy pictures to post next week. TD is coming in for a few days for a wedding shower and then is off to Florida for spring break.
I'm going to find a tee to put under my FLS to see if that makes a difference in the coloring of the yarn.
Have a good weekend.

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Yarn and Weekend Visitors

I received some lovely Wollmeise in the mail this past Saturday. Unfortunately, it seems that I am being reverse-stalked by these 2 colorways: Rhabarber and Dunkle Kirsche. These 2 are for sale.

I also got these 2 lovelies: Regenbogen and Maus Jung. These are not for sale.


If you haven't received your Loopy Ewe Sock Club kit for March yet, don't look any further!!!

A very nice kit . . .

A lovely skein of Fiesta Boomerang in Spring Chill colorway made specifically for TLE, a great-looking sock pattern by Wendy D. Johnson called March Mosiac Socks and a shawl pattern by Samantha Roshak called A Little Jazz. I love the sock pattern, but dislike knitting toe-up socks. I have 2 single socks that are both toe-up patterns that I am gonna have to make myself do the second one of each. I don't seem to have this problem with top-down patterns. I may do a little swatch of the pattern and turn it upside down and just see how it looks.

I completed my Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf made of 4 colors, which I love. It does have a few little flaws - my cast-on is a little loose, and my bind-off a little tight. I still think it is beautiful and am very happy with it. I definitely see myself making more of these and just need to choose colors.

It turned out 5" across and 66" in length. Perfect size.

I spent part of Saturday morning organizing my knitting patterns . . .

Luckily, I finished my organizing before John and Josh arrived with Beau and Bailey. Yes, the cousins met, and after a few minutes, they were the best of friends and played nicely together.

I took tons of pictures of the 2 of them and will post those in a day or two.
Have a great week.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Couldn't Resist

I casted on another sock. I couldn't resist. It's Numma Numma the regular in Stump Brew colorway. The pattern is Monkey (no-purls) by Cookie A, done on 2.25 mm needles. It's a little tight, because the yarn is a light fingering weight, but I think it will be ok after blocking.

Here is the first completed RSC sock. I'll probably make the other NN sock, then the second RSC sock.

This is Numma Numma's new Toasty base that I caught in The Loopy Ewe update last week. This colorway is called Toasty Treat (dark).

And this is Sprinkles for Stella colorway. Love it, so bright and cheerful. I think it would make a cute little girl's sweater or baby blanket.

Here are a couple of Wollmeise grabs I received this week. The first is 100% Herzblut WD and Johannisbeer & Brennessel WD. The Herzblut is for sale. It is a beautiful blood red, but I already have 2 of them.

This second one is 100% Gazpacho WD and Blue Tinte WD. These 2 are for sale as well. I already have these.
Have a great week!!!