Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Knit Too!

I don't just collect yarn, I knit too, you know. Here are a couple of FO's and a WIP. . .

This is Shawl That Jazz in Fiesta Boomerang, Surf colorway. It took about 3 1/3 skeins. It's about 72" across and 36" in the center top to bottom, unblocked. I am planning to lightly block it. I don't want it to grow too much since it's already nice and big. I'm glad I used a size 7 needle instead of 8 as the pattern called for. I wish I had used the option for making the ruffle rufflier. I'll definitely knit this again and do that. I'm keeping this for me . . . it's going to go great with jeans.

I call these my Spring Flingers, since it was designed at The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling in Cookie A's class. I really like the way the pattern knitted up, but obviously I didn't pay close enough attention in class because I couldn't make the pattern work on the foot. Hence, it's done in stockinette. I don't care though, since I love the color variations of this yarn so much, and it really shows up well in stockinette. BTW, it's Dream in Color Smooshy in Butter Peeps, so sweet. These are going to be put away and given as a Christmas gift most likely.

Next project on the needles is the pattern Angee from Cookie A's new book, Sock Innovation. The yarn is Numma Numma Toasty in Grape Jam colorway. Ya'll know how I love my Numma Numma. Keeping these.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's A Numma Numma Day!

If anybody knows anything about me and my yarn, they know I love Numma Numma. So I thought I'd pull all of my Numma Numma stash out and see what I have.

These first two beauties came in the mail last week. Allen, of Numma Numma fame, recently opened her own online shop. Actually she has been selling on Etsy for sometime but can now be found here. Anyway, she's been updating almost every weekend in May, and let me tell you, she has some gorgeous colorways and fabulous yarn bases.

These babies are my most recent acquisitions. They came in the mail today. Love 'em.

And this is my entire Numma Numma stash - 19 skeins total. This is subject to increase drastically in the coming weeks as Allen just posted on Ravelry that she is sending an order off to The Loopy Ewe soon with 20 (!) different colors.

The following pics are the yarns broken down into different yarn bases.

First, Toasty, which was my first experience with this yarn. I've made several pairs of socks out of Toasty. The colors are: left row top to bottom, Blueberry Jam, Tabouleh, Brunch For Beth, Grape Jam and Elvis. Right row top to bottom, Olive Oil with Peppercorns, Toasty Treat, Blue Cheese and Fig Preserves.

This base is called The Usual, and the colors are Meat and Three (2), Make Mine Rare and Cupcakes! I'm dying to try this yarn; it has a tighter twist than Toasty.

And in The Regular, top to bottom are Manager's Choice, Cherry on Top and No Substitutions. No Substitutions is more purple or violet, my camera is trying to make it blue.

And Saucy, oh, so fluffy and 530 yards! I just want to squish it. These are Saturday Shoe Shopping and Famous Chocolate Fondue.

This is also one that I recently posted about - Strawberry Banana Kiwi - in 80% bamboo. The camera doesn't show how shiney it really is.

In case you're wondering, I don't just buy yarn, I also knit with it. I just finished my Spring Flinger socks, which are about to go take a nice warm bath in Soak. Pics to follow. And my Shawl That Jazz is almost finished too. I'm knitting the ruffle now and have plenty of yarn left, so I'm going to keep knitting on it till I get tired of it.

Now I have to decide what socks to start next. Of all the socks I've knit with Numma Numma, I haven't kept any for myself, so I think I'll pick a color, then a pattern and cast on. See ya.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've totally forgotten to mention someone, someone who is a member of our family, someone I have often referred to as my 5th child . . . my nephew, my godchild, one of my favorite people, Scottie. He will be heretofore referred to on this blog as STDW, Scootage The Dog Whisperer.

I named him this because he has read all of the Dog Whisperer books and watched him on tv and can quote him verbatim. As soon as he heard that OS got a new puppy, (he is 3 weeks older than OS and they have always been very close) he came right over with advice in hand. He was just a font of knowledge. My favorite was when he told OS that things the puppy does now are not going to be so cute when he is 100 lbs and still doing it.

Above is a gratuitous puppy picture. I received it via email just before going to bed last night. I sure do miss his cuteness.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yarny Goodness

I just love when packages come in the mail. This came from The Loopy Ewe.

Mini Mochi self-striping in colors 103, 105 & 108. I thought I'd use the bottom 2 together, alternating every couple of rows.

Yarn Love - Juliet - in Warm Brick and Sweetheart colorways. I just love Yarn Love.

Indie Dyer in Dragonfly colorway. I just finished a pair of socks from this dyer, and loved working with this yarn.

Indigo Moon in Wine Country colorway. First noticed this yarn when I was at The Spring Fling but didn't buy any then. Finally gave in and got this lovely.

And in a purchase from a Ravelry friend,

a mix of Koigu,

and, the main event, Wollmeise in Brombeere. I love, love, love Wollmeise and have been wanting this color for awhile now.

I haven't done a yoga quote of the day for some time, but I have been going to yoga every Monday. Today's quote is "Let yourself sink into the pose on the exhale."
Did you count how many times I used the word "love" in this post?
The puppy is doing great. He left to go home to OS's apartment, and I miss him so much. The HWWTM would not let me get the other puppy in the litter. One day soon though.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Grandpuppy

Too freakin' cute! OS wanted a Golden Retriever for his college graduation gift. He's actually wanted one for years, and we finally gave in.

Cubby is checking him out here. They weigh the same and the puppy is only 5 1/2 weeks old. He's going to be a monster.

Coco is nowhere in sight, because she is scared of him and runs from him.

As you might have guessed, he's a good eater.

Still no name for him. We've been trying to think of something for a week now. So A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!!! Even if he did cry all night last night.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A FO and New Yarns and Things

First of all, a finished object this week . . . a pair of socks in Wollmeise twin 80/20 in Blue Suzanne colorway, in a simple 3x1 rib pattern. I'm keeping these for myself. Love them. Love this color. I actually have another skein of this color on its way to me in a trade. I'm going to make another clapotis with it when it gets here.

In the past few weeks I've received a few new yarns in the mail . . .

This is Numma Numma 80% bamboo 20% merino in banana kiwi colorway. Allen just opened a new shop. She's having updates every weekend the month. Go check her out. Her yarns are great. Her customer service is great. Her colors are great. Can you tell I love her?

These are some new custom needles from Signature Needle Arts. Several people were using them at The Fling, so of course, I had to have some.

This is the April Yarntini semi-solid colorway in Cabana Boy, so pretty.

This is the coveted Wollmeise. The 3 on the left are Schwartz, which is almost a solid black, then Dornroschen (which I got in a trade on ravelry), then Ebenholz, a beautiful brownish black.

Lastly, is the Woolgirl Sock Club for the month of April, really great stuff, a ton of stuff.

The yarn is Curious Creek Fibers, which I've never tried, but am itching to get started on.

. . .all of the great goodies that came in the kit.

I'm so excited. OS is on his way home with the new puppy, still no name for him yet. Pictures to come soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 Down, 2 To Go

Our oldest son, John, graduated from Millsaps College this past Saturday with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. His plan is to stay in school and work on his M.B.A. Also, he has another year of eligibility to play football. He starts summer school in 2 weeks, so he'll stay on the family payroll for at least another year.

A sweet family pic after graduation, minus the middle son, who is a sophomore at LSU and had a final Saturday morning, so he couldn't make it. Even though the professor didn't show up for the final after they sat there 45 minutes waiting for him. FPS.

So, after graduation, we went to lunch and gave him his gift, something he has wanted for years, something I mentioned her last week that was a surprise that I was so excited about. Here he is opening up the package. . .

It was pictures of a litter of puppies. He's wanted a Golden Retriever forever. I had found some close by that were born about a month ago and put a deposit down on one, so he had the pick of the litter.

He was so surprised, but a little wary at first because he didn't want to get his hopes up about what the pictures meant.

We went to visit the puppies yesterday. OMG, they were adorable. This is the one he picked out, Mufassa. That's what the owner's little girl named him, but we'll probably change it.

Here's Meg holding one.

This is YS holding the 2 males. There were 7 altogether in the litter, and only one of the males wasn't sold. YS and I are trying to convince his dad that we need the unsold male. I don't think he's going to agree. But they are so cute!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Loopy Surprises

Don't read any further if you are a member of The Loopy Ewe Sock Club, and you haven't received your May package, and you don't want to be spoiled.

Don't . . .

Do . . .

It . . .

Ok, don't say I didn't warn you . . .

It's a great lime green canvas bag,

and Luster Sox yarn from DyeDreams appropriately named Shades of Ireland, a pattern, Kinvara, by Monica Jines, and a cute smiley face pen.

I've never used this brand of yarn, but am definitely looking forward to trying it.

I do have to say that I am probably most excited about the bag. I was a little bit disappointed when we didn't get one at The Spring Fling. I had seen one that had come in the Don't Be Blue kit, and secretly hoped we'd get one too. Now I have one. Yippee.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I realized that I haven't yet posted pictures of the goodies I got during my shopping trip to The Loopy Ewe during the Spring Fling. Here goes . . .

First, a great bag - Lawre's Baby Bag in Dipsy Daisies - so summery and pretty.

Next, 4 skeins in Fiesta Boomerang in Surf . . . this is being made into Shawl That Jazz. Already have several inches of it done.

This is sKNITches BIG TRYST in Seafarer and Violin colorways - I love this stuff. It has cashmere in it, and it's sportweight, so you can whip up a pair of socks in no time.

And, of course, some Noro Silk Garden Worsted for a Striped Scarf. Need to complete a couple of scarves that are already on the needles before I can start this.

Some Lorna's Laces camo and orange for the hunters in the family. . .

This is also Fiesta Boomerang (Australia). I started my Shawl That Jazz in this colorway, but felt it was too bright, so Sheri kindly traded it for the Surf. I kept one skein for a pair of socks.

And, of course, a couple of odds & ends - sock blockers, a Little Loopy and some soap, my fave.

A 3AM bag for a friend - she saw mine and wanted me to pick one up for her. I gave it to her for an early birthday gift.

And a 3AM wrist tag for my keys. . .

That's it for now. Off to Jackson for OS's graduation this weekend. Pics of that next week, as well as some yarn and sock club kits that've been arriving in the mail in the last few weeks.