Thursday, February 3, 2011


This little sweater for Ashtyn was knit in Spud & Chloe Outer, in Rocket colorway on size 11 needles. The name of the pattern is Little Miriam. It knit up very quickly because of the large needles and yarn, but knitting it made my hands hurt. Not sure if it is because the yarn is 35% cotton, or if I am just not used to knitting on larger needles. All it needs is a couple of hook & eyes sewn in at the cables at the waist. I made the size 6, and it fits Ash perfectly.
My new favorite hat pattern is Jacques Cousteau Hat. Two of Alex's friends, Jimmy and Jonathan, asked me to knit hats for them. I used Wollmeise for both, yarn held double, on size 4 needles. The first two pics are of Jimmy's hat in Forster's Gluck 100% merino.

These next two pics are Jonathan's hat in Maus Alt 80/20 twin.

I hope they like them. I really enjoy knitting hats. I made the first one in one afternoon.

Have a great day.

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