Thursday, February 28, 2013

Everything Else - 2012

I finished these while on ski trip.  I love Wollmeise socks.
Made from the leftover sock yarn.
Baby blanket for Brian's baby.  Love NummaNumma for baby blankets.
Wollmeise baby blanket for Melanie.
Bugga socks - I gave these to Nanan for Christmas.
Wollmeise baby blanket for Bonnie - love this pattern.
Garter stitch baby blanket for Beck - so squishy.
Another Numma baby blanket - for Collin's baby.
Wollmeise Rayures - I love this cowl.
Big Bad Baby Blanket in Koigu for Lindsay's second baby.  My go-to baby blanket pattern ( tho it seems that
Abby's Blanket pattern is a close second).
I made a couple of quilted Christmas tree skirts this year - fun and easy - one for me and one for Sis.

In conclusion, it looks like I slacked on knitting socks - I mean, how many pairs of wool socks does one really need in Louisiana?  I made quite a few baby blankets - my belief is that every baby I love needs a handknit baby blanket.  Wollmeise and NummaNumma seem to be my yarns of choice, along with my newest favorite, Plucky.

That's it for 2012.  I'll try to keep my 2013 items more up-to-date this year.  *try* being the definitive word there.

1 cowl
1 Girl's Sweater
1 hat
15 Adult sweaters
2 baby sweaters
2 Christmas tree skirts
2 pairs of socks
4 quilts
6 Baby Blankets

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