Friday, May 14, 2010

Yarn P*rn Friday

A few (and I use the term "few" loosely, obviously) skeins of yarn may have been delivered to my house this week. A couple of Kunterbunt grab bags of Wollmeise from the 5/1 update are pictured below. If I were a computer/techie/camera savvy person, I might know why my pictures turned out up-and-down instead of sideways. (See, I don't even know what to call the position of the photos. LOL)

Anyway, here they are . . . top to bottom, Versuch (maybe a light magnolie?), Fleiderbush, Jultomte, Schwammerl and Forster's Gluck.

And the second photo, top to bottom, Lavendel, Versuch (a beautiful turquoise), Okzident, Sanguinello and Strohblume.

Third photo, Yarntini's April variegated skein in Sunshine colorway.

Fourth, The Loopy Ewe's May Sock Club kit, which includes 3 little red mesh bags within a bag, a skein of Fleece Artist BFL yarn in Daffodil, and 2 patterns, one sock and one shawl. The sock pattern is May Flowers by Debbie O'Neill. It's a really neat pattern, but it's toe-up. Probably won't knit it. The shawl pattern is called Reflection Shawl. I'll probably knit the shawl with the Yarntini yarn.

Below is a picture of a little kit I got from Numma Numma this week. It is called Cupcake kit, and it is for these mittens. I'll probably make fingerless mitts with it. I read somewhere that you can get 2 pairs of fingerless mitts out of one kit.

Aren't all of these colors great? It's one large skein and a bunch of little mini skeins.

And, to prove that I have been knitting. I have completed one and started the second Mama Llama Autism socks in Woven Stitch pattern.

And I have completed one, but have not started the second Lorna's Laces Grumperina in Staccato Socks pattern.

Gratuitous puppy picture . . . She's still heeeeeere. . . . Bailey. She's an adorable puppy, and she has a lot of energy. Her daddy finishes finals tomorrow and is coming to get her.

Have a great weekend.
I may have some more yarn coming in today's mail. Just sayin'.

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