Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Proud Mama

So proud of my baby boy . . . he is finishing his freshman year of high school and he is a pole vaulter. He works very hard at it. He has a wonderful coach, Erica Bartolina, who pole vaulted in the Beijing Olympics. We are so lucky to have such an accomplished athlete so close to coach him.

He has been pole vaulting since 6th grade, when some of his older brother's friends taught him the basics. His then track coach told him that he could enter the upcoming track meet if he could get over 5 feet. He did that on the first day of practice, and he's been hooked ever since.

This year his PR - personal record - is 11 feet.

There are only 2 pole vaulters in our high school, he and a sophomore friend. They placed first and second in our district.

The pictures in this post are at the regional meet in New Orleans, where he placed 7th, I believe. He was one of only 2 freshmen there. He "only" vaulted 10 feet at this meet, so he was not happy.

The above photo shows him trying to get over 10'6". As you can see, he knocked the bar down and didn't make it. Did I mention he was not happy?!?!

But he is a winner in my heart. Do you see how high in the air he is? Amazing!!!

And now to brag on my oldest baby - Amanda whipped out a Girasole in a few weeks time. She knits like she is on a mission. You know how some people are process knitters, and some are product knitters? Well, she is a product knitter. She knits to "finish" a project. That's not to say that she doesn't enjoy knitting, but I think she likes the feeling of accomplishment when she finishes something. But then, don't we all? She brought the Girasole to me to block for her. It is made of Malabrigo yarn on size 9 needles, I think. It measures 5 feet across. It is so beautiful and soft.

This is my baby blanket made for my friend's grandbaby that is due next month. It is made from Yarntini sportweight in Designated Driver colorway on size 6 needles. The pattern is Heirloom Baby Blanket, and it measures 32" x 35". I really like how this turned out.

As you can see, both blankets are blocking side by side on beach towels in my foyer.

I don't think I've mentioned this little thingy I've been working on for about a week. It's called A Little Jazz - the pattern came in March's Loopy Ewe Sock Club. It is the smaller version of Shawl That Jazz, which I made last year. The yarn is Numma Numma's Saucy in Cupcakes! colorway. I'm using size 3 needles. I'm on the ruffle now. I'll probably make the ruffle fairly long as I have a ton of yardage. It's all garter stitch, so it's a very easy, fun knit.

That's all I have for now. Have a great week.

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