Friday, September 18, 2009

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Wanted to do a little updating since it's been over a week since my last post. The reason for this is a fabulous trip to NYC with the HWWTM. I guess it's a good thing that he works too much, or I wouldn't have had such a great expense paid vacation. I really only spent a couple of nights there due to YS needing supervision and all. I'm not comfortable leaving him for a full M-F during a school week. We're gone so much on weekends already following OS around the country watching him play football. Anyway, pics of NY at a later date. I did go to Purl Soho and got some Koigu (love Koigu for baby blankets).

A little stash enhancement while I was gone . . . some Wollmeise Versuchskaninchen II (which means "experimental rabbits") via a ravelry trade. I love this colorway, as I do pretty much every Wollmeise colorway.

A great Woolgirl Sock Club kit also came in while I was away. The yarn is Miss Babs Yummy in "Lady Bug" colorway with a small skein of "Lady Bug Toes" for the heels and toes. The pattern is called Fly Away Home Socks by Lisa Dykstra. She also includes a ton of goodies in her kits as well. Everything came in a 7" Fibersphere, a really cool yarn thingy to hold your yarn.

The colors are very pretty - various reds and pinks - and the small skein is an almost blackish burgundy (or a burgundyish black), very yummy.

The goodies include a mini ladybug sphere to hold your stitchmarkers, a ladybug stitchmarker, a ladybug pen/tape measure combo, a ladybug emery board, a heartshaped notepad, eraser and refrigerator magnets, as well as some stickers and tattoos.

A couple of projects I've been working on include a baby blanket for my hairdresser's wife. Most of this was done on the plane (especially on the way home when I was stuck on my plane at the gate in NY for almost 4 hours). The pattern is Embossed Diamonds by Alison over at SpinDyeKnit. I already have about 8 inches done and love the pattern and yarn. The yarn is Socks that Rock Goody Goody in heavyweight, done on size 6 needles. Gotta get busy on this - baby due in December.

A close-up of the pattern and colors . . .

My Loopy Sock Club socks have been neglected since I started the baby blanket. I have finished the heel and have the foot to do. I think I'll take these with me to Texas this weekend when we go see OS play football.

The Girasole remains untouched this week. I have less than 100 stitches to bind off, but will probably not get to it until next week. See ya then. Have a great weekend.

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