Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Monday

On the road again . . . to Dallas this past weekend to watch OS play football. We went to Austin College just north of Dallas. We won (by the skin of our teeth) by kicking a field goal with 2 minutes left in the game, and we were behind the entire game!! It was so stressful!! I had to take a nap after the game. LOL

Some of my Wollmeise goodies that arrived last Friday - Grab Bags. These are filled with skeins that are labeled "We're Different", because for one reason or another, they don't exactly match the description given for them on the website. They are very beautiful, nonetheless. You can purchase them by color - Green, Red, etc., Kunterbunt (which means all in a tumble, mixed colorways, not matching), or Gemischt (a lot of different harmonic shades). They are so fun to order because you don't know exactly what you're going to get!

This first one is a Grun (green) grab bag. Included in it are: Wasabi, Grashupfer (grasshopper), Raupe Nimmersatt (German name of a children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar), Farn (fern) and Pinie (pine). I just love the color combo of Raupe Nimmersatt. The Pinie is already on its way to a raveler who needed it for a sweater.

The backs of them . . .

Then there is the Rot (red) grab bag. Included in it are: Rotkappen (Little Red Riding Hood), Gazpacho (named after a soup), Dunkle Kirsche (black cherry), Rhabarber (rhubarb), and Merlot. I thought I already had Rotkappen, but I don't. I have several reds, but not this one. It is a true red. Gazpacho is a new colorway that looks a lot like Rhabarber except with red in it. Rhabarber is one that I already had. Actually I had 2 and TD took one home with her the last time she went shopping in my stash. This one seems a little more streaky or blended that the one I already have. And last but not least, Merlot, oh Merlot, the most beautiful, a little semi-solid piece of gorgeousness. I may sleep with it tonight.

And the backs . . .

With all the flying and driving we did this weekend, I finished my Loopy sock club sock.

And I finished binding off the Girasole last night. It took a nice little bath in Soak earlier today and is presently drying on the foyer floor. Pics of that later. Oh, and there are more grab bags to photograph. Stay tuned.

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