Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures . . .

Long time, no blog. I know, and I have no excuse for it. I've been busy, but I don't know what I've been doing. I have been knitting, though. I finished my Knotty Gloves in Wollmeise Brombeere. This is a beautiful deep maroon color that is our high school color. I pushed to finish the fingers last night and blocked them today so I can wear them tomorrow night to the football game. I am so excited. I love them. I will probably make another pair in the future, but not any time soon. The glove itself is fairly easy; the fingers are just fiddly and tedious. But the outcome is awesome.

I got this gorgeous colorway in a trade on Ravelry. It's Wollmeise Mon Cheri (a chocolate filled with cherry and liquor). It is so beautiful.

This is a Wollmeise we're different bag - Gewitterhimmel, Versuch, Fleiderbusch, Red Hot Chili, and Kornblume.

A few other things I got in Ravelry trades - all Wollmeise top to bottom: Granatapfel (pomegranate), Rittersporn (delphinium) and La Gitane (the gypsy).

Introducing one of my new obsessions - Bugga! by The Sanguine Gryphon - almost as hard to get as WM, but she does announce when she is doing an update. This one is called Dragon Millipede. I have another one on its way. I think I'm going to double it and knit it on 9's or 10's into a ruffly scarf. Oh, did I mention it has some cashmere in it?

And a Pumpkin Spice stripe from Yarntini in sportweight. . .

A few things I've donated to our high school fundraiser - a felted bag, a pair of socks, a market bag, a scarf in school colors and 2 berets.

And last but not least, Woolgirl Sock Club Kit, very neat, always lots of goodies . . .

Promise to blog more - football season almost over. Not that I'm happy about that or anything. I'm just happy to be home a little more on weekends.
Have a great week.

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