Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Numma Numma

It's probably a good thing that Allen - Numma Numma - decided not to have an update this week, because I've barely muddled through the beautiful stuff I got in her last 2 updates.

This is some great TexasToasty sport in Jalapenos Frescos colorway - 200 yds per skein. It is destined to become a Girasole for my hearth room. I also got some of this for TD in the red - Rings of Fire, I believe - for a Girasole, which she's already started. I'll get a picture for you when she comes home for Christmas.

More Texas Toasty sport in Sangria and Empanadas de Fruta. The one skein to the left there was made into a fingerless mitt yesterday, then frogged because it was waaaay too big. It will be reborn later today.

And . . . the coveted Ned's Ruby Trout in extra dark and medium in The Usual. This is so pretty with flecks of red. Will be great with jeans.

The Special is a laceweight with 700 yds per skein. Colors are Side Salad and Hari Omelette.

Last, but not least, Doppio It's Complicated. The colors in this are unbelievable. I can't wait to knit with it. It's so squishy with 20% cashmere.

The current bane of my existence - sorry, I mean wip - November Socks That Rock club kit. It doesn't help that it's dark, and I'm making the large size and am just gonna knit till I run out of yarn, and have I already said that it's dark. They're going to be for a family friend - a man - and I think he'll love them if I ever finish them. The HWWTM thinks he probably wears a size 12 or 13. Pray for me.

And my beautiful Girasole . . . it's coming along so pretty. It has just a hint of blue in it. It's for a very good friend's daughter who is expecting in February. I am on chart D, which doubles the stitches at the end of the chart to 640 stitches. Please pray some more. Thanks.

And to help get us into the Christmas spirit here in southeast Louisiana, we had a little dusting of snow last week. Nothing like last year, but it's always fun to get at least a little.

The weather has been so yucky this week, and I'm so sick of being cooped up in the house, I'm actually cooking, and baking (muffins from scratch), and - brace yourself - I even cleaned out my closet today.
Probably gonna knit the rest of the day . . .

Almost forgot - GO SAINTS!!!

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