Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday FO's

Just wanted to show y'all a few finished objects . . . some of which are Christmas gifts, which haven't been given yet, and some are, well, holiday gifts that are gonna be given when they're finished.

Know any 3-handed monsters, cause I knitted 3 of these before I got it right. Actually, I ripped the first one (it only took a few hours to knit), cause it was huge. Don't remember how many I cast on initially, but the second time I casted on 36 stitches. If I'd only read the yarn label, I'd have seen that this yarn calls for a size 3-5 needle (and I was using a 2). It's a very heavy sportweight, and it's wonderful to work with. The yarn is NummaNumma TexasToasty in Sangria colorway. The pattern is Jasmine Fingerless Mitts (with many, many modifications) from Ravelry. Mostly I made the hand and thumb part longer. These were so easy and fun, made in 2 days, actually all 3 mitts were made in 2 days. These are going to my cousin.

This one is a little hat I whipped up out of Numma Numma TexasToasty sportweight in the "purple" color. (Sorry I'm too lazy to get up and look for the color name). It's for my precious little 2 year old great-nephew.

Now I'm gonna have to get up, cause I can't remember a thing about the yarn I used for these fingerless mitts for my Nanan. Be right back - talk amongst yourselves. Ok, I'm back. The yarn is sKnitches Big Tryst in Violin colorway. The pattern is Fine Cabled Mitt from Knitspot on size US 2 needles. This yarn has some cashmere in it, so they're so soft and squishy.

Oh, and the above-mentioned hat colorway is Empenadas de Fruta - like I said - purple.

Ok, just ignore this next picture, cause for some dumb reason, I downloaded it twice and didn't notice until later, and plus, I'm lazy.

I needed a simple sock for mindless knitting, so I casted on Gradience Sock in Unique Sheep's Verve sock yarn in Glee colorway. It's 4 little mini skeins that you gradually knit together to make these awesome color changes. I just loved it and couldn't put it down. I think I'm going to do the second sock in reverse colors. I'll probably keep these for me, cause they're so fun.

Save me from myself . . . my STR sock club socks . . . one is done!!! It's really not that bad, except 1) the yarn is very dark, 2) I'm doing the large size (72 sts), and 3) I'm making a size 13 for a male friend. I divided my yarn in half and knitted the foot until I ran out of yarn, then borrowed enough from TD's skein to do the toe. I'm gonna cast on the second one today, really. Really.

And TD finished her Girasole yesterday, or maybe day before yesterday. Here it is unblocked.

And here it is blocked, measuring a grand total of 44 inches across. There's a story behind this. I know, isn't there always a story. Anyway, she had 6 skeins of Numma Numma TexasToasty sportway in Ring of Fire colorway. She used a size 5 needle, at my recommendation. (Please note above where I said I didn't read the label on this yarn until later, and it is a heavy sportweight and on top of that TD knits very tight). Well, she ran out of yarn with just 31 stitches left to bind off, and guess who came through for us - NummaNumma - Allen - herself. She sent us a skein of yarn from the same dyelot so TD could finish her Girasole. Which, btw, she wanted blanket-size, not shawl size. It is now a lap blanket and she is contemplating making another one out of worsted weight on a much larger needle. Sorry, Sis. It's still beautiful though. Thanks, Allen, you rock!!!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Ours was great. It's always fun to have all 4 kids home for the holidays. Of course, there's always drama involved when your almost-grown children
(3 20-somethings) who live on their own come home and have to get along with each other, younger brother and parents. Well, you can only imagine. Add to the mix that we're Italian, and well, like I said, you can only imagine.
Hope everyone has a Happy, Safe. and Prosperous New Year!!

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