Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day . . .and Happy Birthday, John

We had a little snow Friday . . .

. . . crazy, I know, twice this winter already. It didn't stick this time, but the kids did get another day off of school.

Look who's visiting for a couple of days while his daddy goes to Mardi Gras. I'd rather puppy-sit than go to Mardi Gras.

I whipped up a little hat and booties for my friend's daughter, whose baby is due today. These are made from Lorna's Laces sportweight - hat on size 4 and booties on size 3 needles. They're having a boy, and dad is a hunter so I think they'll like it. This is the baby that the Girasole is for. I only have abou 200 stitches left to bind off - hope to get to that today.

I started my January STR sock club socks. While I'm not usually a toe-up girl, I liked this pattern better than the other, which was cuff down.

This is where this one is going to spend the rest of the day if he doesn't straighten his a** up. No really, he's sick, and I'd rather clean up his "sickness" in his cage than my floors and rugs. It's really my fault he's sick. I know he has the tummy of a newborn and shouldn't be fed anything except his dog food, but I can't resist giving him treats. Oh, well, live and learn. No more treats or anything for you, Beau Beau, not while you're here anyway.

BTW, it's OS's birthday today - Happy Birthday, John!!!! You are the coolest oldest son I have. I'm so glad you were born on V-Day, because it made you such a sweetheart. I LOVE YOU!!! COME GET YOUR DOG!!!

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  1. Happy Belated Valentines Day! You made me laugh with this post, guess what I got, the stomache bug shortly after midnight!!!!Monday a day of rest only to have to pull everything together and run the whole house myself for dh got it yesterday! UGH! I needed the smile! You have beautiful yarn/projects too! I really need to try some bugga....or do I dare start another addiction? Or maybe "treat" myself after this episode?LOL!