Friday, March 12, 2010

To Frog Or Not To Frog . . .

I can't decide what to do about my February Lady Sweater. My problem is unmatching skeins of yarn. I knitted the top part with one skein, which was pretty dark. Then, started a second skein just about where the lace part starts, and noticed it was much lighter than the first one. So I wound another skein, and it was dark, but not quite as dark as the first one, so I decided to alternate skeins 2 & 3. Well, this is the result below, and I'm just not quite sure I'm happy with it. This first picture is the front . . .

. . . and the back . . .

. . . and a close up of the lace, which kinda has a mottled effect.
I really like it, and I don't want to frog. I'm thinking over a dark tee or even a light one, it might not be so noticeable. Or people may just think I planned it that way.

To be continued . . .
If you don't care for dogs, or you just don't want to look at other people's dog pictures, you can quit reading now. I know most knitters are cat people anyway, so it's not a problem. That's why I put the knitting content first.

These pics are from last weekend when Beau and Bailey came to visit. Beau wasn't quite so sure about getting into the pool. He would get on the steps, but go no further. Maybe it was too cold, but that's never stopped him before.

The canal in the back yard wasn't too cold for him obviously. He's getting a bath under the hose here after a little run through the canal.

Here he is sunning after his bath. He's SO BEAUTIFUL. And it's a good thing, because he is so B.A.D. That's Bailey behind him trying to decide whether or not she wants to make friends with her "cousin".

I told you he's gorgeous . . .

And isn't she precious? And so loveable. And GOOD. (Thanks God).

The cousins did make friends and played well together. They play tug-o-war with a rope. Actually, Beau just dragged her around mostly.

And when she would get distracted, he would bring the rope to her and set it in front of her to entice her to play some more.

More sniffing . . .

And then Bailey had enough. She slept and slept and slept. Josh said she slept for hours.

He's bringing her back this weekend to see TD and her dog, Tiger. So I'll have more puppy pictures to post next week. TD is coming in for a few days for a wedding shower and then is off to Florida for spring break.
I'm going to find a tee to put under my FLS to see if that makes a difference in the coloring of the yarn.
Have a good weekend.

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  1. Ah, the beauty of hand dyed...I love the difference and have come to terms with the difference that if you want perfect, buy a sweater in a store, this one is hand made!!!
    The doggies are too funny and cute! After Coco comes from the groomers, all nice and fluffy clean, she rolls in dirt! And she is a cream golden retriever...summer should be lots of fun with the hose and kiddie pools!