Thursday, April 1, 2010

No More Titles . . . Sometimes

The reason for the title is that I have a really hard time thinking up catchy titles. So I've decided that I'm not always going to use a title . . . only sometimes.

I thought I'd share a picture of my favorite knitting spot. I'm not really sure who snapped this picture, but this is where I can usually be found.

I wanted to show the progress I've made on my Yarntini baby blanket. This is such a fun knit, with the pattern changing every 6-8 rows. I already have 11" made on it. I'll definitely be using this pattern again.
I started my March Socks That Rock kit. Then I started it again. It is mediumweight yarn, and the pattern calls for a 2.5mm needle. I casted on 56 stitches, as per instructions for the smallest size, and did the first 6 rounds of garter stitch, and it was waaaaay big. So I ripped, pulled out a 3.0 mm needle, which is what I usually use for STR mediumweight yarn, and casted on 48 stitches, which is what I usually . . . you get the picture, and I'm gonna have to fudge the pattern as I go along, because there are no instructions for a 48-stitch cast-on. We'll see how this goes.

And I told you there'd be a Wollmeise-fest one day this week. Below are some of the purchases and trades that I've made over the past few weeks.
Small Gemischt bag - Rhabarber and Brombeere

Small Think Pink - Miss May and Magnolie medium

Got these in trades - 3 Old Blue Jeans and Dani

Lace-garn in Ruby Thursday

Lace-garn in Taube

An order from The Loopy Ewe - Turkise Markise, Johannisbeer & Brennessel, Magnolie dark, Tambopata and, yep, another Old Blue Jeans. (I love blue.)

A Versuch (maybe Tolkschire (sp?) and Amethyst dark

Lilac grab bag - 2 Versuch's

A trade - Maus Jung
And lest anyone think I am a total Wollmeise glutton, I have been selling and trading lots also. Maybe not quite as much as is coming in, but some is going out too.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. OMG! Those Wollmeise colors are all so beautiful!!! I cannot stalk..I cannot stalk...LOL!!! I would spend way too much..shh, don't tell dh I said that!
    Your knitting spot looks so comfy! The chair to the right of you, I used to have couches exactly that pattern and color...I miss them terribly and loved them so!