Friday, June 18, 2010

Beau Update

Our puppy is doing a little better, I think. The vet called this morning and reported that he does NOT have lymphoma. Phew!! Still not sure what it is, may know next week sometime when we get the blood cultures back from Auburn, but we may never know.

They did change one of his antibiotics yesterday, thinking that this new one would cover 2 tick-borne diseases that they suspect he may have. These are uncommon, but prevalent in south US when they do occur. We think this new antibiotic may be the one helping him, or maybe one of the other 2 that he has been on for a couple of days kicked in.

He is moving around a little better today. He is able to rise from a lying down position without help. He is able to sit and lay down easier. His back is not as hunched when he walks. And while he still walks slowly and gingerly, it appears to be a little better. He actually trotted down the driveway a little ways while following me to go bring in the trash cans.

Overall, he is staying awake longer and sleeping a little less. His tail is wagging a little more, and that is a good sign. I couldn't find him at one point today, and he had climbed up the stairs. I have some pics of him, but they're on my iphone, and I don't know how to download them from it to the blog. Maybe YS will come home soon and help me out.

Edited to Add: YS came home and helped me put the pics in.

The middle picture is where I found him asleep this morning when I got up.

The last picture shows the 2 cases of water he later peed on.

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