Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Beau went back home to his daddy - all better . . .

Finished the Lorna's Laces camouflage socks - they're on their way to the recipient as I write this. Did not take any pics of the finished product.

Bailey is here now. She was spayed yesterday, so MS brought her here to recuperate.

Waiting for some Wollmeise grab bags - hope they come in the mail today. If they don't contain what I hoping for . . . Mauerblumchen and Daisy, I'm gonna pull out the big guns for a trade.

Have a great day.

Edited to add: Heard from the vet late today. Beau does have a rare tick-borne disease - Neospora Caninum - which will require at least 8 weeks of treatment. So glad they figured it out.

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  1. Wow, so glad they finally figured out what was wrong with him.....ticks, we live in a BAD area for them, but this year, knock in wood, I have hardly seen I said, knock on wood and I will be back later to probably eat my words!