Monday, June 21, 2010

He's Better

On the knitting front, I have pulled out my Log Cabin Blanket that has been hibernating for quite awhile. I think that I have found comfort in the constant garter stitch. It is made from Blue Moon heavyweight in 6 different blue colors on a size 6 needle. It's about 31" x 35". I am addicted. I can hardly put it down.

I have to put the blanket down for the time being though. I need to complete these socks today. Luckily, they're sportweight and they go pretty fast. I need to finish these today, so that I can block them tomorrow, so that the HWWTM can bring them to their recipient. And he is going to be with their recipient Wednesday. Gotta get to work.

Our boy is definitely getting better. He is almost back to his old self. He is resting right now, but in between his frequent naps, he is playing and moving around with very little stiffness or any sign that he has been so sick. It happened Saturday evening when MS brought his puppy, Bailey, home to visit. The 2 dogs started playing like there was nothing wrong. We got home from a party late that night and couldn't believe our eyes. He even swam for several hours Sunday afternoon. I think I am still going to keep him a few more days just to make sure he does not have a relapse, but I think he is going to be ok.

Shout out to my husband who has been and is a wonderful father to our children. He is stern and strict when he needs to be, but loving and giving when the occasion arises. We haven't always seen eye to eye on issues involving the kids (I am just a tad more lenient), but I know he will never let me or them down. Happy Father's Day!!!

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