Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final FO's for 2011

My poor neglected blog.  I thought I'd do a year-end wrap up of my finished objects for this year.  Some have already been added - those knitted before May.  My proudest knitting moment of the year is my Latvian Baby Blanket, shown above.  I wanted to knit it for ages and finally decided to just go for it.  It only took me 2 weeks to knit, and about 3 months to get the fabric for the backing and find someone to sew it on.  There are changes I will make to the next one I make, and there will definitely be more of these.
This year I also enjoyed knitting small shawls, or shawlettes.  This one is knit in Bugga!
I knitted many little hats this year.  The one above, and the two below were for Morgan's baby, as well as a little Christmas hat for Collin's baby.
I did not knit as many sock this year as I have in previous years, but there were a few.  I was a member of Cookie A's sock club, and I think I knit 2 pairs from that club.  I really like her patterns.  
This was also a year for baby blankets.  Oh, how I love to knit baby blankets.  This is Stacey's baby with his Big Bad Baby Blanket.
Another Cookie A sock club pair - in a yarn I've never used before, but really like.
Another little shawlette that I knit in my first mystery KAL.  It was fun waiting for the next part of the pattern every week.  I really like this little scarf/shawl.

Lest this post be soooo long that someone loses interest before finishing, I will stop now.  I will continue to update the rest of my knitterly goods before the end of the year.

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