Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final FO's Part 2

Although I did not knit this, I provided the yarn for it, and I think it deserves a photo on the blog.
Amanda knit this for Morgan's baby.
Another little hat for Morgan's baby.  I would have knit a baby blanket for her baby shower,
 but Amanda wanted to, so I knit 4 little hats for her.
This pair of socks was donated to the STA Lobster Bash, as well as the hat pictured below.
Another baby blanket, knit for Parker and Olivia's first baby.
Clay wanted some slipper socks.  They are the same size - it is an optical illusion that the bottom one looks bigger.
I enjoyed knitting this - a long cowl - more than knitting it as a scarf.  With a scarf, you go back and forth, which is soooo boring.  With a cowl, you go round and round, which is much more fun.
This was also donated to the Lobster Bash, as was the hat shown below.
And lest anyone think that I am a perfect knitter, I present to you my major failure for the year.  It started out pretty, but did not felt evenly.  The fair isle body of the bag felted very quickly, but the bottom did not.  I probably just need to dip it in boiling water, but for now it has been thrown to the back of  my closet.
I love, love, love this shawl.  It was knit in garter stitch, so no purling - which is always a positive for me.  And because it is garter stitch, it is so nice and squishy.  It almost killed me to donate it to STA for the Lobster Bash.
 I would love to know who bought it.
Another pair of socks knit in a Numma Numma KAL.  I love these socks.

Additional information about all of my projects is available on my Project Page on Ravelry here.

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