Sunday, December 18, 2011

FO's Part 3

This shawl took almost a year to knit.  I got stuck while knitting it, and couldn't figure it out, so I put it away and went on to something else.  Then one day I came across the "pattern errata", and it all made sense.  I finished it in about 2 days.
Another big accomplishment this year is that I made a couple of well-fitting, presentable-to-wear-in-public sweaters.  I wear this all of the time.
These two blankets - top and bottom pics - had to be made in a hurry.  I received a baby shower invitation in the mail for a baby shower for Frankie's twins (a girl and a boy), and had about 2 and a half weeks to knit them.  I already had the blue yarn, so I started that one first while waiting for the yarn that I ordered for the second one.  They knit up very quickly on size 15 needles.  The color in the second one is off - it is not that dark or that orangey.
In keeping with the year of the hats, I made Charlie a Koolhaas (a pattern I have been wanting to knit for awhile now), to wear when he runs.  And since it was so fun, I made one for Clay too.  See pic below.
And because Meg saw the other cowl that I knit, and she commented that she liked it so much, I made her one for Christmas, as well as the Yarntini socks below.  Cause John said she is crazy for my knitted socks.

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