Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Friday!

As if I didn't have too many scarves on the needles already, I started another one last night. Yesterday was one of my good tennis friend's birthday. So, being the procrastinator that I am, I started her birthday present last night. Ha. Actually, I couldn't figure out what to get her. I've given her knitted socks for the past 2 years, and, while she loves them and wears them, I wanted to do something else. So, you know how some things just come to you. Well, this just came to me last night. I had bought this yarn at my LYS a couple of months ago. It's Classic Elite Yarn in maroon and grey. I always stock up on these colors when I find them because it's our local high school colors. And my friend's children attend school there, and they play soccer, which is an outdoor sport, usually during cold weather. So I think she'll appreciate and use a scarf in these colors. Just need to get busy on it.

These are my 2 little dogs, Coco and Cubby, after a day at the groomer. They come home exhausted and usually lay around and sleep the rest of the day.

Isn't this a funny shot? I put a couple of plants and flowers behind my bathtub, and look at how the flowers grow toward the window. "Go to the Light"...

Hope you have a good weekend. Was hoping to have a shot of my March Yarntini to show you, but it hasn't come in yet. It was promised this week, so maybe tomorrow.

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