Saturday, April 11, 2009

They're All Here...

The kids are all home for the Easter weekend. That's MS (middle son) standing up and OS (oldest son) sitting to his right, then OS's girlfriend (OSGF) sitting across from him, and TD with the dark hair. I'll have to come up with a better name for OSGF - she's too cute to have such a ridiculous blog nickname. Also, they've all discovered my blog and think I'm more embarrassing than ever.

A shot from another angle:

We had a huge crawfish boil for the hubby's office people yesterday. We do this for them every Good Friday. They are a great bunch of people who help make my lifestyle possible, so I am eternally grateful to them.

We heat up the pool and the kids have a blast swimming...

Below are some pics of YS pole vaulting at his track meet this past week. He vaulted 9', which is his new PR (that's personal record in track lingo). He had 3 attempts at 9'6" but couldn't quite make it. Maybe next time.

The new patio furniture that the HWWTM looked and looked and looked and looked for. It's very nice. TD and I sat out in it and knitted yesterday afternoon after the office people left.

Notice Cubby in the bottom of the photo. He won't sit still if I try to take his picture, but as soon as I'm taking pics of other things, he jumps in the way.
And the sock I've been working on, almost done with the gusset decreases...

Not sure what we're doing for Easter tomorrow. I'd like to go to brunch somewhere after church, but the kids would rather grill steaks at home. We usually have a big family gettogether at my mom's, but she and my step-dad just got home last night from a week in Paris, so she's not up to it this year. Anyway, it'll be laid back and relaxing either way.
Happy Easter, everyone.

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