Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lovin' Some Koigu

Koigu haul acquired from Woolgirl recently . . .

I'd almost forgotten how much I love Koigu. I've never used it for socks before, usually baby blankets (Big Bad Baby Blanket), baby hats, etc. But, man, am I hooked! These are knitting up so quickly and easily. They are Hearts-a-Plenty by Monica Jines on my usual, 2.25 mm. Lovin' 'em. Look at those little hearts, how cute.

Formal FO shots of my Cookie A Summer Sox in Zen Yarn Garden, Woolgirl colorway, on 2.25 mm needles, natch.

And a progress shot of the Watermelon Stripes . . . These don't get much work because they stay in the car and just get a row done on them here and there while I'm waiting to pick up YS from one activity or another. They are really fun to work on though.
Hope you're getting some knitting done this week. I'll be pulling Andy in today.

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