Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've totally forgotten to mention someone, someone who is a member of our family, someone I have often referred to as my 5th child . . . my nephew, my godchild, one of my favorite people, Scottie. He will be heretofore referred to on this blog as STDW, Scootage The Dog Whisperer.

I named him this because he has read all of the Dog Whisperer books and watched him on tv and can quote him verbatim. As soon as he heard that OS got a new puppy, (he is 3 weeks older than OS and they have always been very close) he came right over with advice in hand. He was just a font of knowledge. My favorite was when he told OS that things the puppy does now are not going to be so cute when he is 100 lbs and still doing it.

Above is a gratuitous puppy picture. I received it via email just before going to bed last night. I sure do miss his cuteness.

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