Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's A Numma Numma Day!

If anybody knows anything about me and my yarn, they know I love Numma Numma. So I thought I'd pull all of my Numma Numma stash out and see what I have.

These first two beauties came in the mail last week. Allen, of Numma Numma fame, recently opened her own online shop. Actually she has been selling on Etsy for sometime but can now be found here. Anyway, she's been updating almost every weekend in May, and let me tell you, she has some gorgeous colorways and fabulous yarn bases.

These babies are my most recent acquisitions. They came in the mail today. Love 'em.

And this is my entire Numma Numma stash - 19 skeins total. This is subject to increase drastically in the coming weeks as Allen just posted on Ravelry that she is sending an order off to The Loopy Ewe soon with 20 (!) different colors.

The following pics are the yarns broken down into different yarn bases.

First, Toasty, which was my first experience with this yarn. I've made several pairs of socks out of Toasty. The colors are: left row top to bottom, Blueberry Jam, Tabouleh, Brunch For Beth, Grape Jam and Elvis. Right row top to bottom, Olive Oil with Peppercorns, Toasty Treat, Blue Cheese and Fig Preserves.

This base is called The Usual, and the colors are Meat and Three (2), Make Mine Rare and Cupcakes! I'm dying to try this yarn; it has a tighter twist than Toasty.

And in The Regular, top to bottom are Manager's Choice, Cherry on Top and No Substitutions. No Substitutions is more purple or violet, my camera is trying to make it blue.

And Saucy, oh, so fluffy and 530 yards! I just want to squish it. These are Saturday Shoe Shopping and Famous Chocolate Fondue.

This is also one that I recently posted about - Strawberry Banana Kiwi - in 80% bamboo. The camera doesn't show how shiney it really is.

In case you're wondering, I don't just buy yarn, I also knit with it. I just finished my Spring Flinger socks, which are about to go take a nice warm bath in Soak. Pics to follow. And my Shawl That Jazz is almost finished too. I'm knitting the ruffle now and have plenty of yarn left, so I'm going to keep knitting on it till I get tired of it.

Now I have to decide what socks to start next. Of all the socks I've knit with Numma Numma, I haven't kept any for myself, so I think I'll pick a color, then a pattern and cast on. See ya.

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  1. Wow - that sure is a nice collection of Numma Numma. It inspires me to get out my Elvin and Famous Chocolate Fondue, flip a coin and knit something with one of them. I'm also excited to hear Allen will have 20 different colors to chose from soon on TLE.
    Thanks for sharing all the beauties.