Friday, May 15, 2009

A FO and New Yarns and Things

First of all, a finished object this week . . . a pair of socks in Wollmeise twin 80/20 in Blue Suzanne colorway, in a simple 3x1 rib pattern. I'm keeping these for myself. Love them. Love this color. I actually have another skein of this color on its way to me in a trade. I'm going to make another clapotis with it when it gets here.

In the past few weeks I've received a few new yarns in the mail . . .

This is Numma Numma 80% bamboo 20% merino in banana kiwi colorway. Allen just opened a new shop. She's having updates every weekend the month. Go check her out. Her yarns are great. Her customer service is great. Her colors are great. Can you tell I love her?

These are some new custom needles from Signature Needle Arts. Several people were using them at The Fling, so of course, I had to have some.

This is the April Yarntini semi-solid colorway in Cabana Boy, so pretty.

This is the coveted Wollmeise. The 3 on the left are Schwartz, which is almost a solid black, then Dornroschen (which I got in a trade on ravelry), then Ebenholz, a beautiful brownish black.

Lastly, is the Woolgirl Sock Club for the month of April, really great stuff, a ton of stuff.

The yarn is Curious Creek Fibers, which I've never tried, but am itching to get started on.

. . .all of the great goodies that came in the kit.

I'm so excited. OS is on his way home with the new puppy, still no name for him yet. Pictures to come soon.


  1. Beautiful Wollmeise socks~Great additions to your stash~Very cool needles~Fun sock club package - A new puppy! Can't wait to see him!

    Have a fun weekend.

  2. the numma numma is mine!! hide it if you'd like to keep it!