Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Down, 2 To Go

Well, they're finished. They're really pretty too. They're the March 2008 Socks That Rock sock kit that I started last April - over a year ago. I'll probably keep these for myself, even though they're a smidge long on me. I don't know - it depends if I end up needing a last minute Christmas present for someone. We'll see.

I finished these yesterday. Very easy knit, and on size 0's too. They're Austermann Step with a simple 3 x 1 rib - flew off the needles. Self-striping usually does for me - they're so fun. These are definitely for me.

More pretty yarn in the mail - this is Wollmeise Vroni - beautiful dark chocolate brown and black . . .

Wollmeise Sonne - shades of orange from light to very deep . . .

And isn't this just adorable!!! It's Yarntini Rainbow Cocktail mini-skeins. I actually ordered 2 sets, but only one came in. When I emailed Jessie about the missing set, she apologized profusely, said it was an oversight and stuck another one in the mail to me. They're 7 skeins of about 100 yards each. I was thinking I may double strand it and knit a little ripple-type blanket on maybe size 9ish needles. Or this is cute if I want to pull out a crochet needle and do something different.

Have to put up one more pic of YS in his "dress" uniform. This is what they have to wear on Mass days or special occasions. Today they were taking pictures. Isn't he handsome? He couldn't believe he was going to have to keep the tie on ALL DAY!!!

Here's my man, Beau Beau. That's what he does when I go outside and don't take him with me. He waits for me at the door with that little "where's mommy?" look on his face. He is going back to OS this Saturday. I can't decide if I'm ready for him to go or if I can't wait for him to go. One minute I love him and the next . . .

Now to decide what I'll knit next. I promised myself that I could start a new sock if I finished 2 single socks, which I did. I'm thinking maybe some Monkeys (my go-to pattern) in some pretty Yarntini (my go-to yarn). But I've also downloaded this and was thinking of some pretty dark red/maroon Wollmeise. Or maybe both.
I did work on the Girasole last night and am to the edging. I've never done knitted-on edging so I need to start that when I have some quiet time to figure it out. And as soon as that is finished, I have 2 more baby blankets to do, one for December, one for February. And neither knows whether it's a girl or boy.
And, of course, I still have those other 2 single socks to do, but I'll worry about those another time.
Better get busy. Have a good day.

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