Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Not much knitting going on around here this week. I have been working on the socks from hell and am about to start working on the leg. I've worked a little on my car/appt sock, but it's in the car right now, so no picture of it.

Actually this sock hasn't been so bad. I just really have to pay close attention to what I'm doing. Will be home this afternoon watching tennis and knitting.

Here's one of the reasons for the busy week. YS started high school. I know, like, when did that happen? And we had appointments - hair, orthodontist, sports medicine - and school supplies shopping . . .

And, as you can see, Beau is still here. He's much better, and we seem to have settled into a routine. It would be so much nicer if my little dogs liked him.

I might have mentioned that he's playing football, so that is in full swing right now. Practice every afternoon after school and an intrasquad scrimmage one day. He went in for a few plays, but didn't do very much. He's only a freshman, and he's never played tackle football before, only flag football, so he's pretty much learning right now. But he loves it. He's getting so much bigger and stronger.

He's #11, btw.

Here he gets a little instruction from the coach.

On the sidelines with his buddies (which is probably where he'll spend most of this season).
Next week shouldn't be so hectic, so hopefully more knitting content.
Have a good weekend.

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