Monday, August 3, 2009


This is the Girasole sans needle. I really should give him a name, because he's taken on a life of his own. I say sans needle because I had to rip out a few rows yesterday.

You know how when you're knitting something, and you're knitting along, and it doesn't feel right, but you keep going, hoping that little feeling will go away. And you ignore it a little while longer, and then you put it down, walk away and come back later. And you pick it up and you start knitting again, hoping that feeling was maybe something you had eaten earlier that didn't agree with you. Then you stop and look closely, and you see that your pattern isn't exactly lining up correctly. So you look back and you think you found where you made your mistake, so you tink back almost a whole row. Now remember a whole row on Chart E of the Girasole is 640 stitches! You find the spot where you think you made your mistake, you do a little finagling and a little fanigling, and say a little prayer (please oh please oh please, knitting god). Then you start knitting again and you make it around again - 640 stitches - and you realize that your entire section of Chart E is not making sense or lining up correctly. At this point, I tried not to cry. It was time to walk away again.

Come back a little later with a plan. I had heard about using lifelines when knitting lace, but being the experienced knitter that I am, I scoffed at the use of them. Well, what I didn't know about lifelines is that you have to put them in while knitting, you can't go back and put them in 5 rows previous. It just doesn't work that way, believe me, I tried. Walk away again.

I then realized what I had to do - the inevitable. I laid it out on the ottoman, took a deep breath, and started pulling the needle out. The HWWTM came over and said "what's wrong, what're you doing". I guess the lack of look or response he received, or didn't receive said it all, so he just left the room. YS came in and announced that he was hungry (what else is new). After my ten minute tirade about knitting emergencies, and you don't interrupt someone in the midst of a knitting crisis, and couldn't he see that I was probably going to be busy for hours, well, let's just say he left as quickly as he came in. Even the dogs were quiet and left me alone.

So what else does a blogging knitter do, but take the camera out and start shooting pictures. It really is going to be very pretty.

In the meantime, the HWWTM took out my new camera and started playing around with it and shot a few pictures of me doing repair work. I had to rip out 5 rows - all of Chart E that I'd done the second time. I probably ripped out 1-2 rows too many, but I wanted to be sure.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I worked on it again last night and some today. I'm still not back where I was when I discovered my mistake, maybe later tonight if I have a couple more rows in me.

He asked me to forgive him. I guess I will since he's so pretty.
I'm off to finish packing up YS for football camp. He's leaving at 7:45 tomorrow morning and will be gone till Friday.
Happy Knitting, everyone.

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