Monday, August 24, 2009

Yarn P*rn Monday

Well, it looks like you're going to get half of a post tonight. For some reason, I couldn't get my other 5 pictures to upload. Never fear though, I'll try again tomorrow. This is mostly a photo post anyway. So here goes. I got a bunch of Numma Numma at The Loopy Ewe update last week. It's gawgeous! So pretty that I had to do individual photos.

First up, Whiny Butt in Toasty base . . .

Bravo Pinchos in The Usual . . .

And some Yarntini in Last Call colorway. This is a skein that Jessie sent me last week after a mishap with my order. Wasn't that nice? For some reason, my camera (certainly not me) wouldn't capture the true color of this blue. It's really more turquoisey.

Some Wollmeise in Roter Himbeermund (which translated means red raspberry mouth, isn't that cool?). Got this in a trade from a friendly raveler. I know I say this everytime I get a new Wollmeise, but this one truly is my new favorite color. . .

And, lastly, some pretty Wollmeise Rhabarber. . .(this is actually for the benefit of someone who wants to try to make a trade), but just enjoy anyway.

You'd think I'd be getting some knitting done since Beau went back to his daddy, aka OS, on Saturday, but I really haven't. I'm almost finished with my first Yarntini no-purl Monkey. I'll try to post a picture of them tomorrow, so pretty.
Ok, gotta get some sleep. Tennis tomorrow.

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