Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All Grown Up

Josh, usually known here on the blog as MS (middle son), turned 21 years old this past Sunday, 8/1. He is such a wonderful young man, and I am very proud of the adult he is becoming.

He will be a senior at LSU this fall and plans to continue his education after his graduation next May.
This is him with his baby, Bailey. She is a little bit bigger now - about 40 lbs bigger - and he has trained her to be a well-mannered and happy puppy.

Below is a picture of all 4 guys - Josh, John, Dad and Alex - when they played in a golf tournament in Florida a few weeks ago. So proud of all of them.
Happy Birthday, Josh! Love u!

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  1. My daughter turned 21 the day before yours did. It's so hard to believe!!! It's fun seeing them turn into decent human beings...a joke I share with my daughter!