Monday, August 30, 2010

WIP's and More Football

I just started Part 4 of my Shetland Pi Shawl; I am enjoying this so much. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy, which is a worsted weight, in Petal Showers. It is wonderful to work on. I recently increased to 576 stitches per round, so progress may slow down just a bit. But I am going to be doing a lot of knitting in the next 2 weeks - the US Open started today.

I completed sock one of my no-purl Monkeys in Wollmeise twin, Skandal um Rosi. I love this yarn. It is literally flying off the needles.

Another single sock completed is my Malabrigo sock in Tiziano Red, Kalajoki pattern. I have never used Malabrigo sock yarn, and it too is great to knit with. It is a little on the thin side, so I casted on 68 stitches instead of my usual 64, on 2.25 mm needles.

As you know, YS is playing football again this year. He does not play alot in varsity games, but luckily, they have 9 junior varsity games scheduled this season. This past Saturday was the JV jamboree, where he played most of the game. The next few photos captures him making a tackle. He played really well.
Above - he's got his eye on the ball.
Below - he gets low and ready to pounce.
Below - he wraps him up.

And then takes him down.
Go Falcons!!!

And let's go, Andy!!

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