Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Baby's Going To High School

I know he's 14, but he's still my baby. And I guess he always will be. Here he is with a group of his friends from his 8th grade graduatin class. That's him, 4th from the left. Isn't he precious? I may be a little prejudice.

This is him in the middle at the graduation ceremony. The school has the cutest program; the children actually write it themselves. It is personal, individualized, and very funny.

Below, he receives his diploma from his principal. She is a great lady, teacher and principal.

Here he is with his best buds clowning around.

A graduation dance was held the following night. There was a DJ, dancing and food. (And maybe a special friend)

It's hard to believe he is growing up. He was an honor roll student and wants to take honors classes in high school. He can do it if he puts his mind to it. He has already started practicing basketball with the freshman team at high school, and he started lifting weights with the football team this week -- 4 times a week @ 7 am. Luckily, we have neighbors to carpool with.
Good luck, my baby. I know you'll do great.

And, since this is a knitting blog, a progress shot of my STR sock. Hope to finish the foot tonight.

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