Friday, June 5, 2009

He'll Never Come Home Now!!!

Josh, my middle son, heretofore referred to as MS, is moving into an apartment this weekend with 2 friends. MS is now a junior at LSU. He lived in a dorm his freshman year, then in his fraternity house. He is so excited to be moving into an apartment. NO ONE lives on campus after their sophomore year, you know. (I personally didn't know this, but was quickly informed.)

I mean, really, if you had a nice 3 bedroom apartment with 2 of your best buds (and someone special lived right down the road) . . .

. . .why would you ever come home? I guess I'll have to resort to bribery.

That's him on the right. How about that sectional sofa? One of the boys bought it at a consignment shop; they are so proud of it. The only way they could get it to fit without a lot of wasted space was to split the sectional and put it on either side of the love seat. I told them it looked great. What the hell . . . it's a man cave.

And now on to more important stuff - yarn. My order from The Loopy Ewe came in, lots of Numma Numma in the usual. The colors are great, l to r they are: all night diner, Sheri knits the blues, pie please, after dinner mint, eat your veggies, and gumbo n' greens.

And below, Yarn Love in Bayfield Apple. I had one of these, but TD took it.



If you haven't received your Wollmeise Sock kit, you might want to go away now. If not, keep going.

Aren't they just gawgeous? I totally love both colors. Happy Weekend! I'm back to Baton Rouge tomorrow to help MS stock is kitchen.

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