Friday, March 20, 2009


That's right, Alex, aka, the baby, is 14 years old today. He is a wonderful kid. He's much older than his years. He always has been. You get the feeling that he's been here before. He is just as comfortable around adults as he is around kids his own age.

He's sweet, sensitive, and kind-hearted, and he can hold a conversation with anyone.

His favorite thing right now is pole-vaulting. This is his third year vaulting. He started out doing it when his middle brother was a senior in high school and one of his friends showed Alex how to do it. Later, when we realized he had a knack for it, we hired a coach for him. Our track coach really wasn't much help. Amazingly, an Olympian hopeful at the time, lives in our hometown and agreed to work with Alex. Later, Erica, Alex's coach, actually made the Olympic team and competed in Beijing last summer. She is still working with him, and he is doing great. The highest he has been able to jump this season is 8'6". Isn't that awesome?

He has lots of other interests too. He'll be in high school in the fall and wants to play basketball and football. If you know anything about high school sports, you know they start practicing in the summer. So, as soon as 8th grade graduation is over in May, we'll start practicing basketball and lifting weights for football. It looks to be a busy next 4 years, and I can't wait.

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