Monday, March 9, 2009

Zen Monday

Don't you just love orchids? A friend turned me on to them a couple of years ago when she gave me one for my birthday. They're so beautiful. Went to Lowe's yesterday with the husband, and there were the most beautiful orchids - couldn't resist getting a few.

Started my day today with a yoga class. I've been going every Monday since the beginning of 2009. It's one of my "lifestyle changes" I'm making this year - I don't like to make resolutions. So I start off my week with yoga. I go at least once a week, sometimes twice. My favorite expression is "separating the upper torso from the lower torso".

Thought about goals for my knitting this week while in yoga. I'd like to finish a few things this week that have been lingering, namely, my Yarntini socks, my Numma Numma scarf, and the little girl's sweater that just needs the border put on around the neck and fronts. I'll post a WIP post on Wednesday, and then hopefully a FO post on Friday to check my progress.

1 comment:

  1. You're completely out of control. I didn't realize you joined two more sock clubs! Thanks for the invite.

    I'm gld to see you've got everything figured out. We'll work on those other things when you're here this weekend.