Sunday, March 22, 2009

But Wait...I'm Not That Old!

I don't think I'm old enough to have a 24 year old. I must have had her when I was 12 or something. That's right, TD (teacher daughter) turns 24 today. She is also KD (knitting daughter). But she pretty much only knits socks. She is actually OD (only daughter) ha. How would you like to grow up with 3 little brothers? Except, they're not so little anymore. She's the smallest in the bunch now.

She is a very special person. She is a second year teacher, teaching 3rd grade this year in Birmingham. She went to school in Alabama and decided to stay there. It's only a few hours drive from home, so it's not so bad. She is a great teacher, loved by her students, their parents and her school administration. She is very conscientious and hard working, and enjoys employing new techniques in her teaching strategy.

Below is a pic that I took last week when we went to visit her. We gave her a David Yurman bracelet for her birthday. She always covets mine, so I knew she would love it.

And, of course, a silly friends pic:

She and her dad skiing in Idaho in January:

She and her brother at her alma mater, where his team played against them and won. I think she was actually pulling for both teams.

Happy Birthday, Sis! Miss you today! Love ya!

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