Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surrounded By My Yarn

I like to be surrounded by my yarn. Just seeing it makes me feel good, makes me happy. I like to touch it and smell it and rub it on my cheek. My kids think I'm weird, but I'm sure you all know what I mean. Anyway, there is a built in bookshelf in my hearthroom just off the kitchen where I keep cookbooks and whatnots. In recent months, I've added my knitting books and a little basket of yarn. I usually change the yarn out on a whim; sometimes certain colored yarns will go in the basket, sometimes certain brands, and sometimes I change it with the seasons. Since before Christmas, I've had red and green colored yarn in the basket.

I hadn't even realized that I still had Christmas colors in the basket until yesterday. Then came the decision-making...what to put in the basket. I thought about an Easter theme, but I just don't have that much light-colored, pastel yarn. I started looking at my favorite brands--Dream in Color Smooshy, Yarntini, Numma Numma--and decided on Socks That Rock.

Aren't the colors bright and beautiful? It makes me feel warm just having it in the room with me.

Below is a pic of all of my much-coveted Wollmeise that I've collected over the past few years. It is my absolute favorite. Isn't it beautiful? It was the first yarn that I put in the basket on the shelf, but as time went on, it outgrew the basket and had to be put in a bin by itself.

Oh, btw, I finished something last night. It came out so cute! It needs to be soaked and blocked and then I'll show it off.

Hope to finish a pair of socks today or tomorrow, because (drumroll) this month's STR sock club is in the mail and should be here tomorrow. I've already sneaked a peak over on ravelry. It's gorgeous. Can't wait.

Also have a nice order from Woolgirl coming - Yarntini, of course. Pics to follow. Have a nice day!

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  1. I guess I do need to come home for Easter after all, seeing the new additions to the stash. If you have some Socks That Rock, Wollmeise, or Yarntini missing when I leave, just know that it is safe in MY stash!! Love!