Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I'm lovin' my Numma Numma laceweight fan and feather scarf in "Those Jeans" colorway, held double throughout. I really enjoy working on this. It's about 5 1/2' long. I have just a little yarn left over, maybe enough for about 6" more. Then bind off and block. Can't wait to finish.

And I was really on a roll with my Clapotis in silky merino, but I haven't worked on it in about a week. I enjoy it when I work on it. Don't know what my problem is.

Next is my Kids Kimono in Miss Babs Yowza. It is a wonderfully soft and pretty green yarn in worsted weight. It was going along really fast, but then all of that garter stitch got boring. I just have a few more rows to finish on one sleeve, then sew up the sleeve and side. And then pick up the edging around the neck and fronts. Not sure when I'll get to it.

Next up is my Log Cabin blanket done in Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn in heavyweight in 6 different shades of blue. This is a pattern I've wanted to try for awhile, but I'm in no hurry to finish it. It will probably go to my youngest son eventually. I have a way to go on it, because I want it to be really big, as YS (youngest son) is already 5'6" and he's not even 14 years old yet. And I'm trying to make it more rectangular in shape than square.

I bought this yarn today to knit a pair of slipper socks. Today I went to my second continental knitting class at my LYS. I want to make these using only the continental knitting method. It was really fun today. We mostly practiced while the instructor watched us and gave us tips. And she showed us how to K2together and yarn over.

I'm still having a little trouble with tension and gauge, and with purling. Hopefully, practice will make this better. I'm determined to learn how to do this, and to use it. I always love a good knitting challenge.

I do have one finished object to show on Friday. Hopefully, I'll have another to show by then too.

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